Crisis? What crisis?

The AFL's determination to snooker The A League's plans for a possible Melbourne Grand Final has gifted the FFA and the A League an opportunity.

The FFA should move the Grand Final to a midweek event and reframe its showpiece.

The prospect of Melbourne Victory being a homeless host on Grand Final day due to both the MCG and Etihad Stadium being booked for AFL matches has become a distinct possibility.

The notion that Victory as host would have to play its Grand Final interstate is a humiliation no football fan should accept. 

 If that were to eventuate, FFA should call the AFL's bluff. A week night Grand Final would be become a sensation. 

Up Yours, we're movin'..    Archie Thompson and Kevin Muscat getting in the ring.

Up Yours, we're movin'..   Archie Thompson and Kevin Muscat getting in the ring.

Don't believe me? 

Look how Rugby League has turned its State Of Origin series into the hottest ticket in town. Origin occurs in the middle of the week in the dead of winter and is the most highly anticipated date on the sports calendar.    

The A League Grand Final is currently lost at the back end of a lazy May Sunday which is awash with AFL, NRL and Super Rugby fixtures.  Football's decider is swamped by the commercial muscle and media reach of its competitors.

Beyond its passionate and committed base The A League's big day out is drowned by these distractions. 

The Grand Final should be an opportunity to showcase the best of what the game has to offer. At the moment its in danger of becoming a boutique product for a rusted on clientele.

And football deserves better than that.

A Wednesday night decider in front of a packed house at Etihad Stadium (if Victory were to host) would give the game clear air and top billing. 

The game will becoming appointment viewing for sports fans and not just a remote control whistle stop on a crowded TV itinerary. 

Aew you free on a    Wednesday?    David Gallop needs to be bold.

Aew you free on a  Wednesday?   David Gallop needs to be bold.