1. The better the player, the bigger the ego, the worse the haircut. Whilst the football has been dazzling, the coiffure of choice amongst World Cup stars makes them look like escapees from the set of Mad Max 3 "Beyond Thunder Dome".


2. Juergen Klinsmann has a portrait of a Teutonic Dorian Gray somewhere in his attic. The German coach of Team USA looks like he is actually getting younger, Benjamin Button style. I expect Brad Pitt to play him in the bio pic.

3.  Goal line technology and the humble shaving foam work. Cricket, AFL and NRL have made a bigger meal of their camera review system than an all you can eat Brazilian buffet. The goal line technology employed at the World Cup in Brazil has been swift and decisive. As for the referee's shaving cream graffiti, it's revived the art of the free kick. There's still time though for a Referee to give in to the juvenile voice inside and draw a bit of Dicktation, Jonah from Tonga style, on the pitch. In fact, we demand it.

4. After the World Cup in 2010, I thought it impossible to find a nation who love a BBQ more than South Africa. I was wrong. In Brazil, if it bleeds it's a feed. Oh, and there's cake for breakfast. Actually, there's cakes for breakfast. I may never come home. Now you know why.

5. England aren't any good. As Australians, we knew that, but despite successive World Cup disappointments this still comes as a shock to English football fans. Ok, I admit I took wicked pleasure in Luis Suarez scoring twice to sink England. Sure, I felt cheap and nasty, but my enemies enemy is my hombre.

6. Australia's moral panic about crowd behavior at football matches is silly. In Cuiaba during the Socceroos match, The Chilean fans let rip with a volley of fire crackers and skyrockets that sounded like Chinese New Year. No one was hurt, nobody complained and life went on. At home it would have commanded a 5 page spread in the Murdoch tabloids about hooligans and vandals rampaging in our streets and a call for all round balls to be stabbed with pocket knives. 

7. Mike Jedinak did a great job. His coach Alan Postecolglou like wise. Now that they all have real Aussie names, It's ok to like them.

8. If you're an A-League defender, break out the rosary beads, ready the prayer mat or call the rabbi and say your prayers.

 David Villa is coming and after the way he toyed with The Socceroos defence he looks set to tear the A-League apart. He may have been bemused by the vitriol directed at him by some Australian fans. The Melbourne Victory contingent were serving it up to The Spaniard for signing with their cross town rivals. You get the sense he might have the last word though.

9. In Australia it's watch how you drive. In Brazil it's watch while you drive. Every cab I got into was kitted out with a mini TV screen mounted on the dashboard so the driver could watch The World Cup. I kid you not. Sometimes the cabbie would also be making a phone call whilst weaving through peak hour traffic. Talk about multi-tasking. 

10. This has already been the best World Cup ever. And Tim Cahill's goal is the best goal at the best World Cup ever. So, we win. Now where's our trophy....? 



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