Let's get this straight.

Pixies can't be the band you want them to be.

There is no road back to the primitive thrill of "Surfer Rosa" or the heady menace of "Doolittle" where Pixies gave grunge rock a badge and a gun and told it to go forth in the world and do its duty.

So, should Pixies simply be content to be bubble wrapped in nostalgia?

Since their first tentative reformation in 2004 they've provided an affirmation to a generation who still believed that this band mattered most, that those late nights spent cranking "Debaser" at indie discos whilst supping on watered down beer and trying it on with whoever looked your way twice were not spent in vain.

And indeed they were not.

So, after hankering for a Pixies reunion in order to hear the ragged glory of those groundbreaking records, are we a little churlish to turn our nose up at a new Pixies release?  Given some of the stinging reviews of "Indie Cindy" it seems that some are left mourning their lost youth rather than listening with fresh ears.

Granted, "Indie Cindy" is the single worst album title since Axl Rose dropped a turd in the pool and called it "Chinese Democracy". 

Following on from 3 low key EP releases, Pixies recorded the album in a typical fog of tumult. Kim Deal left the band a week into the sessions and for many that is a, well, deal breaker. 

Regardless, Pixies can still rattle the cage. 

It starts with "What Goes Boom" that wouldn't have sounded out of place sitting alongside anything that graces "Bossanova".

"Bagboy" continues Pixies mondo weirdo tradition where they're very much right at home.

In between the jagged edges, Pixies have always been able to deliver a taste of honey to sweeten the deal. There's no "Monkey's Gone To Heaven" here, but "Green and Blues", "Ring The Bell" and "Another Toe In The Ocean" suggests it's not beyond them.

Still, It's likely to be a disappointment for some.  Just as the fact that's in 2014 and not 1988 does.

Mortgage, kids, working week blues, bills to pay - nobody is slicing up eyeballs anymore, pal. 

And whilst you want Pixies to be the soundtrack of your life, they're not ready to let the credits roll just yet.