Broadcaster, Journalist, Writer and passionate fan of The Clash, Francis is a man in love with ideas. He’s passionate about people and their capacity to create and achieve greatness and he explores the human condition through his love of sport, music, popular culture and great writing. Francis engages in meaningful conversations and asks the right questions, even the tough ones, and his extraordinary breadth and depth of knowledge across any number of fields has given him a unique perspective on life and an amazing ability to connect with his audience.

A rounded and diverse individual, Francis is pretty sure there's not a single broadcaster or journalist on the planet who can say they've hosted a current affairs show and a national arts program whilst also holding down a post as a professional sports broadcaster. He defies boundaries, frequently challenging himself and inspiring others along the way. Known for critical thinking and questioning the status quo and a dedication to perfecting his radio craft, Francis never loses sight of the audience hes making radio for.

Standing on the frontier of the new and exciting, hes known for pushing the boundaries in order to create exciting and engaging content. His digital radio show is the perfect vehicle to combine two of his obsessions; sport and cool music. He utilizes technology in order to connect an old medium (radio) with the endless possibilities of new media (social) and in doing so, hes created a unique, fresh and stimulating experience for his devoted audience.

When not riding the airwaves, Francis is usually discussing history and the cultural implications of 1980's MTV videos with his eleven year-old daughter or plotting and scheming the next big adventure with his wife. You may catch a glimpse of him walking the dog whilst listening to Public Enemy on his iPod or fanatically barracking for his beloved  St.Kilda,  Arsenal FC, the Boston Red Sox or the Socceroos.

And so his mission to unearth the stories that make the world of Francis Leach an often exciting and always entertaining place continues - forever guided by his personal mantra; You may not always like the questions, but you'll be sure to find an answer.