30 years on, it never fails to floor me. 

The "Stairway To Heaven"  for the 80's bedsit bookworm generation, "How Soon Is Now" is surely the greatest achievement of the decade.

For anyone. Doing anything. Anywhere.

Why does its power still resonate so? 

Is it that Johnny Marr's guitar motif climbs free of the technology and production of the times that emasculated so many others?

The guitar pulses, hums and howls like a wounded beast.  

Which of course the singer personifies. 

Morrissey may be accused of purple prose on many occasions but here he is plaintive, direct and confronting. 

"I am human and I need to be loved." 

Stunningly simple, it speaks to the doubt, desperation and aspiration we all know. 

The Smiths always strove for genius. 

Here is where they reached the summit.