I'm waiting for it to all fall apart. 

For me to be revealed as a sad arsed nostalgist, lost on an ocean of dry ice and waves of Fairlight keyboard washes. 

To hell with the past though, even if the future echoes in its canyons like thunder. 

New Order's "Music Complete" is the sound of your favourite band raging hard as the rest of their  mates are reaching for the pipe and slippers.

It would be unedifying for a bunch of old clots like this to even dare raise the rhythm above 120bpm if they hadn't given rock the keys to the kingdom in the first place.

No Hooky??

No problem. It ain't like this lot aren't used to coping with a change in presonnel. 

And it's not in their DNA to stop because some of us might have.

Music complete? 

Even if their story isn't.