The English Beat - Caravan Club. 17/05/14.



The drug of our age for mid-lifers mourning their lost youth?


Guilty, your Honour.

It can also be vindication that the music that fired our imagination, gave us our politics, widened our cultural experience and filed us with exhilaration really mattered. 

Seeing Dave Wakeling's 2014 incarnation of The English Beat did just that. 

It could never be filled with the urgency of Birmingham, 1981 in Thatcher's ravaged Britain - and we're blessed in that regard.

There was no Rankin' Roger, Steele, Cox or Saxa.

Yet there was that voice and those songs. 


"I Confess", "Your Best Friend", "Rough Rider", "Save it For Later", "Twist And Crawl" and "Mirror In The Bathroom" all burnt brightly.

And the sense of joy as the crowd of yesterday's rude boys and girls responded vindicated the occassion.

The Beat does indeed go on.